Nancy Nix

DCS Class 71-1 (click here)




Sep. 27–Oct. 5, 1970 - Nancy on White House Press Charter;

President and Mrs Nixon deplaning in the background.






1968 - Foreign Accent paper dresses!


Above: Roman Togas: Helen ?, Nancy, Kim Slaight and Margie Suho at JFK


Below: English Serving Wenches: Margie Suho, Nancy, Captain Ed Roman,
Kim Slaight and Helen ?









1980 - Boston-based manager Nancy suits up for a flight to London, seen
serving soup to a first-class passenger.



January 20, 2008Carole (Smaltz) Panuccio, Nancy, Bill Burgner and

Janet (Anding) Van Der Rhoer pose for the camera during a dinner party
at Nancy’s home in Windermere, Florida.



December 2010 – Nancy hosted an informal gathering at her Windermere, Florida home, with Carol Ann and Sandy King, and Bill Burgner.

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